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We dream...'s who we are.

A teacher, a musician, an artist, a dreamer and an admirer of anything non-ordinary that you can (or can’t) find around our world.
I was born in Teplice, Czech Republic, where I also still reside. I started with art at the age when any other sane person usually gives up and grows up (I still keep resisting). However, not having enough self-preservation instinct (the result of many years of teaching), I decided to show my artworks to the rest of the world. There is a hope you might just like them…

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I don't have a definite price list. The price changes with complexity and size of the picture. I deal mainly with space art/scenery art (other themes are more expensive).
To give you some impression - if it is an HD image (3000x3000px and more), the price is $350+ (it can rise up to $1000 and even more if the image is really complex (starships, sci-fi futuristic constructions etc.).
If the commission includes a simple scene in lower resolution (e.g. 2000x1500px - a planet, one or two moons, starfield, simple scenery background), I charge at least $150+ (again - complex pictures might rise up to $500 or $700). I also give a quantity discount (I might go down for $100 per image).
Simply put - price is negotiable. I don't want to be paid up front if it is a small (low-price) commission. If it is a complex picture - 50% in advance. I can provide a WIP peaks. I can change the whole concept of the picture before it reaches further (when the picture is at 25%) stages of its completion (this applies mainly for the hi-res complex pictures).


If you want to license any of my artpieces for digital use only, it will cost $100USD.

If you want to license my artpiece for a print purpose, it will cost $150USD (digital use included).

If you want to use my artwork for non-commercial purpose, ask me first! You may do so for free but keep in mind that internet is quite a busy place and people tend to omit looking all over your page to search for your sources, so make sure that the credit and a link to the original artwork (that is - my page) is clearly visible. Also - ask me first (yep, I mention it again).


I am not a VAT payer (I just pay an income tax) and I am a resident of the Czech republic at the moment. Therefore, I can't do any business with any other foreign VAT payers from inside of EU (e.g. Germany, France, Belgium, etc.), This might change over time.

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